Dances and tunes

We played 35 different tunes for 45 different dances at 16 events in 2015!  We specialise in traditional English Country Dances and tunes, but we also play some Scottish and Irish music when needed.

Some of our most popular tunes (well, we played them most often!) were:

 Oyster Girl (13  times), Cock of the North etc (11 times), Bobby Shafto, Railway (9 times), Quebec, Dingle’s Regatta,   I want to be near you, Gloucester Hornpipe (8 times), Brighton Camp, Three Around Three, Rose Tree (7 times), Winster/Rakes, Jimmy Allen, Jenny Lind’s Favourite Polka (6 times), Seven Stars, Rattle the Cash, Soldier’s Joy (5 times), Salmon Tails, Hornbeam, Upton Stick (4 times).

Some of our most popular dances were:

Circassian Circle, Clopton Bridge, Cumberland Square (9 times each),
Bridge of Athlone,
I Want To Be Near You, Circle Waltz, Lucky Seven (6 times each), Cumberland Reel, Rebecca’s Roundabout, Holmfirth Square (5 times each), Three Around Three, Cornish 6-hand Reel, Oxo Reel, Gloucester Circle (4 times each), Virginia Reel, Winster Gallop, Caerphilly March, Hello Circle, Blaydon Races, Bodmin Riding, Square Chain, Blaydon Races, Farmer’s Jig (3 times each).



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